The list below is the folks who have been in Oak Lane over the years, built around the trio who were part of the original Oak Lane Boys. Those who are gone are not forgotten, and each left us with a unique musical legacy and treasures. Learn more about our current players on their own page.

  • Andy Smith – learn more on his page
  • Bill Hardy – learn more on his page
  • Chris Edwards – mandolin and vocals, now in Westport, Connecticut with his Masters in Choral Direction¬†and married to an Episcopal priest.
  • Ed Nugent – banjo and vocals, now in Arkansas working the family farm and supervising the oil and gas leases.
  • Liz Nance – learn more on her page
  • Massie Valentine – learn more on his page
  • Richard Rumble – still in Richmond, living and working at the Richmond Hill ecumenical retreat on Church Hill, and who still sits in from time to time.
  • Russell Lawson – learn more on his page

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