Massie Valentine

Massie Valentine!

Massie at the Bluegrass Mass

Guitar, vocals, pyromaniac.

Massie was born and raised in Richmond. Shoot, he’s Virginia-boy through and through, and a fine, upstanding member of the FFV (First Families of Virginia). Educated at the best schools (St. Christopher’s, Woodberry Forest, UVA), married a Roanoke beauty (hey, now, Margaret). spent some time on the road with the Dead. Following, not playing. Has swell kids, investment banker job, nice home on…OAK LANE! (Not a coincidence.)

Plus, he’s a flatpickin’ fool. Massie tells a tale of discovering the guitar in college, learning how to play one chord (D), and sitting for hours in the stairwell of his dorm just strumming, amazed that such beautiful noise was coming from under his fingers. Recently, Massie took his instruction from Jesse Harper of Old School Freight Train. Learned a few more chords, too.