Tim Gundlach

Tim Gundlach!

Tim Gundlach - banjoBanjo Artist

Tim began his musical career with piano lessons at the early age of 7, like many other children of that era.  He took lessons for 9 years and was heavily ingrained in classical music.  He was being groomed to be the church organist to substitute for the Minister of Music when needed.  However, a move from Pennsylvania to Virginia and his interest in basketball changed those plans.  Lessons ceased and basketball became his primary interest.  But the challenge of playing classical piano was something that motivated him to look for other musical challenges, i.e. the banjo instead of guitar.

Attendance at an early Steve Martin stand-up comic performance in the 70s intrigued Tim to pick up the banjo.  And the Christmas gift of a banjo from his wife sealed the deal.  Tim started playing the banjo in 1978.  He attended concerts, festivals, and jam sessions over the years.  A move to Richmond brought him closer to many more opportunities to play bluegrass.  He joined a gospel bluegrass band, Crusaders for Christ, in 2004.  For ten years, the band played several local Chick-fil-A restaurants on weekends and numerous senior centers, retirement homes, and churches.  They also played at numerous local festivals.  Unfortunately, the passing of several members of the band resulted in the band breaking up in mid-2014.

Being a long-time friend and brother-rat of Bill Hardy afforded Tim the opportunity to join the Oak Lane Band.  And the multiple music genres that the band performs are just another challenge for him.